The funnel as a leitmotif

The Nuremberg Funnel is one of Germann̕s favorite motifs. It describes a mechanical way of teaching and learning in which knowledge is funneled into the heads of students with almost no effort on the part of the teacher or student themselves. With the Nuremberg Funnel even the “stupidest” student is capable of learning. Tempting and at the same time, daunting. Unfortunately, or perhaps thankfully Germann hasn̕t found a way to actually put the Nuremberg Funnel into practice yet.

What you say, what you mean and how your words are understood can be three very different things. Especially in a foreign language. The individual language and communication trainings from Germann-Kommunikation make you fit for your everyday and working life and at the same time help you enjoy the new language.

Contracts are rarely closed on paper alone. Luckily, people are also an integral part of every business relationship. Interpersonal communication is the greatest challenge here, especially when it transcends national frontiers and linguistic boundaries: misunderstandings, precon-ceptions, even false self-concepts often result in unexpected difficulties.

The team around Volker Germann, himself a communication and language trainer, is special-ized in creating an understanding for cultural and linguistic differences. “Misunderstandings usually not only result from linguistic deficiencies or grammatical inconsistencies”, says Volker Germann, active as a coach and trainer for more than 15 years. “Normally, there is a lack of understanding for the culture and customs of the other, in some cases however, there is also a lack of self-reflection/introspection.”

The Individual Path to Success

With their specially tailored individual and small group trainings Germann-Kommunikation removes language barriers and at the same time, makes employees in internationally operating companies fit for dealing with everyday communication stumbling blocks. Founded in 2011, Volker Germann’s team now consists of a pool of qualified trainers and an affiliated translation service. Almost all forms of learning are possible. Highly practice-oriented language trainings and personal coachings in the course of daily business clearly dominate, but other mixed forms (“blended learning”) are also possible. “We don’t drum vocabulary or grammar into our students”, explains Volker Germann. “Each training is tailored exactly to the individual needs of the participant. This is supported by the orientation on actual every-day work.”

Participants are quickly given the opportunity to put their new knowledge into practice. “Moti-vation is correspondingly high”, so Germann. The coaches and trainers focus on the automobile and IT industry, the typical training language is English. Thus, the intercultural communication trainings emphasize the USA. Further emphasis is put on the Eastern European states (Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland), while suitable trainers are also available for the East Asian countries.

Learn to assess your own and foreign characteristics

The coaches and trainers use their experience, paired with practical examples to teach par-ticipants about the most important characteristics of foreign cultures and impart basic knowledge to help them avoid faux pas and above all, to assess themselves better. “We of-ten laugh about supposedly typical characteristics of other cultures, but aren’t aware how people see us”, says Germann. Self-reflection is thus, an important step towards better communication and cooperation.

The affiliated translation service from Germann-Kommunikation rounds off the portfolio as an important building block. While non-verbal communication plays an important role in the use of language and the odd mistake in grammar or vocabulary carries no weight, documents of all types are a lasting record of a business partner’s qualifications. Linguistically perfect translations are thus, the foundation for every business relationship.

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